About Greentale


Greentale is a young and motivated team of 2 entrepreneurs, who want to make a difference by creating unique tastes of cocktails. We are specialized in brewing cocktails that are made in an ecological way. With this special brewing technique, we are excited to create many more cocktails and beverages.

Our passion is searching and experimenting with all kinds of flavors and ingredients to create the ultimate taste of a 100% natural, tasty Greentale Mojito.


Greentale Mojito


Our first product is one of the most loved cocktails in the world: A Mojito! After selecting the right ingredients and completing the recipe, we started our process. A fermentation of cane sugar forms the basis of our recipe. After this, we add all the fresh ingredients of a mojito to achieve this ultimate taste. Greentale Mojito has an alcohol percentage of 7,5%.


Greentale Mojito

Greentale Mojito is available in bottles of 275ml. If you prefer, you can add a fresh piece of lime on the top of the bottle to juice up your mojito and it's ready to drink! Perfect for all kind of summer events!

Greentale Cranberry Mojito

Our Greentale Cranberry Mojito is a new variant of our existing mojito that we've created for those who like a little touch of sweetness created by some cranberry juice.

Greentale Mojito on draft

Greentale Mojito is one of the only cocktails available on draft. We are working with 10L and 20L kegs, which makes it easier to estimate the amount needed. When you would like to serve Greentale Mojito on draft, we provide personalized Greentale glasses which are made from hard plastic. This also contributes to our ecological strategy. Both Mojito and Cranberry Mojito are available on draft.


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